backyard Elements

Thanks to our total Outdoor Concept, you can not only extend the minimalist design of the Linarte cladding to your terrace cover, but also create a unique look throughout your  backyard with the Linarte lighting, Sit & Plant Units, and the freestanding Icon wall.



Linarte Outdoor Lights is a series of outdoor lighting  elements with Linarte even design that exists in a version 12 51/64 inches height (small) and a version 20 9/32 inches height (medium).

There are different version in there 2 heights:

- Single lamp;

- Single plug socket;

- Double lamp front & back;

- Lamp with plug socket.



Linarte Modulo is a series of outdoor seating and plant elements with design in Linarte Even or Linarte Block 30 and top finish in padouk.

Linarte Modulo exists in both a plant surround and a seating unit in a version of 21 21/32 inches length (Modulo 55) and 38 3/16 inches length (Modulo 970).

The modules can be interconnected in one direction to obtain a combination of seating & plant units, or one long seating unit or plant unit. Optionally, Linarte LED strips and/or indirect LED lighting at the bottom can be fitted.



Linarte Icon adds an extra dimension to the backyard. This architectural wall is available in height and width according to your wishes, so the possibilities are endless: from a low  backyard wall to a privacy wall, to spatial dividers that visually expand the backyard.

The vertical Linarte lines with Block 30 or Even blades form a seamless whole over the entire wall. Also, one of the two sides can also be fitted with a stretched fiberglass fabric of your choice, which brings the warm feeling of textiles into the outdoor space. Material and color can be matched to the outdoor furniture if required.

Need inspiration?

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