Terrace cover with retractable louvered roof


The most exclusive addition to the Renson terrace cover range has aluminum blades in the roof which rotate and slide open. The blades offer protection from the rain, sun, and wind. Hot air can escape in the summer and you can slide the roof open in the winter to enjoy the sunlight to the fullest. It is still important, especially when the Camargue Skye is mounted to a wall, that sunlight can still shine into the home. The Camargue Skye terrace cover’s blades are designed in such a way that they drain any precipitation laterally.

All fixations, cabling, and anchoring are invisible and the terrace cover can be fitted with LED lights in the columns or profiles, and can also be fitted with a multifunctional design beam with heating elements and speakers. The Camargue Skye can be constructed in several ways: freestanding, fitted to an outside wall, recessed or integrated between two walls. Windproof screens, sliding panels in glass, aluminum, or wood, a fixed wall, and outdoor curtains can also be integrated.



- Additional stack of louvered roof

- Side elements fully integrated

- Couple on Span beam possible


Reliable, durable rotation and retractable technology (tilt & stack) thanks to the patented S-Drive Technology.

Do you sometimes worry about your terrace cover getting damaged by a storm or heavy rain? And then go check just to make sure it’s still there? There’s no need to if your terrace cover is a Renson. All our terrace covers are specially made to withstand violent storms. Read all about it here!

When a breeze turns into a storm

Storms start at wind force 9 on the Beaufort scale, with wind gusts reaching a mean speed between 46 and 55 mph. A storm usually comes with heavy to very severe gusts of more than 62 mph. It’s fairly extreme weather conditions like this you’ll never have to worry about if you’ve picked the right terrace cover.

Who cares about a bit of heavy rain?

Renson terrace covers handle heavy torrents with the greatest of ease. The Camargue Skye, for example, is designed to deal with rain showers of  5.67 inches per hour (in/h)  that last for at least seven minutes. Heavy rain like that occurs every two years on average. 

Is your terrace cover windproof?

This terrace cover can handle winds of up to 100 mph with the louvers closed. 

Renson: tested for quality

Tests show that it stands gusts of wind of > 100 mph and the roof blades have a carrying capacity of 200 kg/m². Great news for hurricane-prone countries or regions with heavy snowfall!