Terrace cover with horizontal sun protection roof and rota


This simple, practical terrace cover has a sun protection roof with rotatable blades.

The extruded aluminum blades can be rotated up to 150°, thus providing the possibility to determine for yourself how much sun protection and/or ventilation you desire. The blades form a waterproof roof when closed. The rainwater is carried to the columns via a drainage gutter. The Ellice fits in with any architectural style, whether its contemporary, classic, or modern, thanks to is elegant, lightweight design, and availability in 20(!) colors.

Ellice since 2019 completely made in the USA.


This terrace cover is completely made  in the USA


- Ordering only in steps of 8’ 15/32 inches possible (PIVOT)

- Top 20 RAL colors

- Rotation of blades while opening: sun protective

- Surface mounted screens possible